I started singing at 7 years old.  The first song I learned was “Hey There Lonely Girl” by Eddie Holman, my mom wrote the lyrics down for me and changed it to “Hey There Lonely Boy”!  I was in my first talent show at the age of 9 years old and I sang “Mr. Big Stuff and "Band of Gold”.  I was pretty good.  At 15 years, I started singing in nightclubs.  My mom would take me to perform and it was fun!  I joined my first band “Something Special”, that’s where I met my life long friend and musical partner Terence Thomas.  That didn’t last long.  My mother could not get along with the manager!  At 16 years I did my first demo record “What Love Has Joined Together “ and an original song “Welcome to My World” written by Charles Givens and Michael Nash (I still have those tracks!).   Lucky me, some of the members of Rose Royce performed on that demo because Michael Nash was and still is the keyboard player and as a favor to him they played on it.  Also at 16 years, I started dancing on Soul Train with my brother and we did that off and on for 4 years.  I hear you thinking.  Did you ever get a record deal?  “No.  I didn’t.  Got close…but no cigar!”  LOL!  Somewhere around 21 years I was in a girl group produced by Courtney Branch and Tracy Kendrick called the “Hollywood Girls” and we did a song called “Girl Talk”.  It got some radio play but then the group dissolved for what reason I don't remember but Courtney and Tracy went on to produce the “Dream Team” remember them?  If you are from L.A., and an “old head” you do! I spent the next 25+ years gigging, recording, working in the legal field and being a mom to my three boys.  In 1999, Terence and I started writing songs and we thought we could do a project independently and we did.  “As Far As It Goes” came out in 2002 and I produced a video for the single “Leftovers” directed by Roderick Rosby.. Because of the “As Far As It Goes” project, I have been able to show off my writing and producing skills, sell some CD's and some digital downloads. Who knows,  I just may be famous somewhere in the world!

Fast forward to 2020  “Loving You Old School” is still amazing and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing, producing and recording it.  New music coming soon!

Here I am. 

Grown, sexy and Loving You Old School!




Terence Thomas - July 2, 1961 - June 15, 2014 - Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter

RIP my friend. My love for you and our music will live throughout eternity.

 "I am a musician, songwriter and producer.  My songs have been recorded by Barry White, Wilton Felder of the Jazz Crusaders, Velvet Catfish, Federation of Love Gospel Group, P.U.R.E. and others.  My own unique brand of guitar work can be heard on such recordings as the UnWrapped Projects, Vol. I & II, under Hidden Beach Records, Velvet Catfish and P.U.R.E. to name a few. I toured with Barry White (RIP) as both lead and rhythm guitarist for over 10 years and I've shared the stage with many well known artists such as Chaka Khan, Luciano Pavarotti, Maxwell, Earth, Wind and Fire, Taylor Dayne, Martha Reeves, O.C. Smith, Soul Kirtan artist C.C. White, Kirtan/Govinda artists Dave Stringer and Girish, VelvetCatfish (nominated for an LA Music Award), Louis Thomas & Pieces of Eight (regular favorite of the LA Sweet and Hot Jazz Festival) and many others."


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You Like Me


Loving You Old School

I Miss You

Let's Make Music

Lucky Man

Feeling Sexy

Casanova Brown (A tribute to Teena Marie)

KingKiel the OmniHeir - Mistakes featuring DEONDA

Grown and Sexy!

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